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About Peter Shane

Peter Shane has been a successful entrepreneur since the early 1980’s and has helped transform tens of thousands of lives through his simple Quality Of Life teachings. Since 1972, his dedicated studies of the martial arts, meditation, breath work, along with his interests in Eastern alternative healing, have taken him all over the world to master these fine disciplines and distill their essential benefits and teach them to his clients. He holds black belts and teaching certifications in many martial and healing art systems, earning worldwide recognition for his knowledge and expertise in each.

He is also well known for his lifetime expertise in creating, developing and marketing personal health care companies. Appearing on television and radio as a top-rated consultant, empowerment coach and motivational speaker, Peter’s dynamic personality and down-to-earth message have helped many prominent companies, world-class athletes, celebrities, doctors, and scores of other motivated individuals to reach their personal goals. People continually seek his guidance on issues ranging from family matters, business success strategies, to stress reduction issues in the workplace. Peter continues to help others achieve their goals by creating a comprehensive vision through living a healthy balanced life.

His mission and joy in life is to share his knowledge and his many “secrets”, which he eagerly passes on to all his clients to help give them the essential tools they need to find optimal health, happiness, success and Quality Of Life.