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Why Our Herbs Are Better

We all want better health. But it is so confusing with words like “natural”, “pure” and “healthy” being thrown about in the health product industry, to the point where they have lost their true meaning. In fact, most health products created today are not focused on your well being, but are there to make money for large companies hiding behind fancy labels, by watering down the concentration of herbal essences you believe you are getting.

Peter Shane and Herbwell, on the other hand, has always been, and always will be, about getting people healthy and having a better Quality Of Life. He has been manufacturing natural cosmetics and herbal products since 1991. Over the years, he built a vast network of partners while helping thousands of people. These partners range from natural healers to expert herbal formulators to organic farmers and are all committed to excellence in their chosen path. They have dedicated their lives to help us live an abundant and healthy life.

Our partners sustainably and responsibly wild harvest only the purest herbs. We also use organically grown herbs for those that can’t be gathered. These organic farmers not only love what they do, but love the earth that they work. All herbs are picked and processed at the peak of their growth cycle to ensure the highest amount of active substances are available.

Once these premium quality herbs have been sourced, our tonics are produced in the traditional manner that has been used for centuries. We cull the herb’s essence by using optimum extraction ratios of liquid to herb, steeping them a minimum of 4 weeks, followed by an intense pressing. Much like wine, the finest essences are extracted to form a powerful liquid elixir.

Unlike many other herbal companies who simply throw together any watered down, herb-of-the-moment or fad ingredient, Peter Shane, using over 30 years of experience, has meticulously fine-tuned the traditional herbal formulas used by natural healers for centuries. He has accomplished this by incorporating current knowledge and herbs available today, while still maintaining the delicate synergistic balance of the original tonic formulas.

Peter Shane stands by the quality and potency of Herbwell herbs. In addition to the thousands of people who already use them, his family and friends use these products on a daily basis to maintain their optimal health.

There is no other company that has gone to the lengths to ensure you and your loved ones are getting only the very best.

Simply put, we use “Traditional Herbs That Work”.