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top 5 things to get you through the cold & fluseason

TOP 5 Things To Get You Through The Cold & Flu Season:

It is that time of year again and the cold and flu season is upon us. Here are some simple tips that you or your loved ones can do to help avoid or recover more rapidly from being sick.

1 – Avoid People That Are Sick And Tell People When You Are Sick:
This is the most important tip on this list. Simply try to avoid infected people and if you are sick, keep your personal interactions to a minimum.

If you are sick, let your friends and co-workers know that you don’t want to shake their hand or give them a hug because you don’t want to infect them. I have yet to see a person get upset from such a warning; in fact, they are usually quite appreciative.

2 – Keep Your Fingers Away From Your Nose, Eyes And Mouth:
People are infected with a cold or influenza by another person’s bodily fluids.
If you shake the hand of someone who is sick and then rub your nose, mouth or eyes, the bacteria or virus can now easily enter your upper respiratory tract and infect your body. So, remember to wash your hands often.

3 – If You Are Sick, Wash Your Toothbrush Every Time You Use It:
Why does it seem to take forever to get over being sick? Because most people re-infect themselves with their toothbrush every time they brush their teeth! If you are not feeling well, be sure you wash your toothbrush with warm water and soap. Then put it into a small glass filled with a fresh mouthwash that contains alcohol every time you brush your teeth. Keep doing this for at least a week after your symptoms are gone.

4 – Get Plenty of Fresh Air:
It takes time for your body to adapt to the new seasons. When the weather begins to change it is important to get plenty of fresh air. If you are confined indoors, cleaning the air ducts and changing air filters will minimize dust and reduce the dust mites and spores that are present in your home and office. These dust pollutants contain many types of unhealthy bacteria that can greatly lower your immune system and is a great reason to keep your home extra clean.

5 – Do Things That Keep Your Immune System Strong:
The best prevention during cold and flu season is to get your immune system working at peak performance. Steer clear of junk food, white processed sugar, and tobacco. Your body won’t stay strong from eating pizza and guzzling beer! Exercise at least an hour a day and eat good quality foods such as hot stews and freshly made juices – and be sure to dose up on Herbwell’s Nature’s Tonic. If you do find yourself starting to feel run down or with a scratchy throat, squash that oncoming cold or flu with the potent and effective Cold and Flu Tonic.

Here is a great juice recipe for the Cold & Flu season, based on radishes. They have been used for centuries as a healing aid for colds and flu. For decades, I have personally used and recommended this juice to fight the cold and flu and when you feel a little under the weather.

Cold & Flu Juicing Recipe:
10 Red Radishes
2 Carrots
2 Apples
1 Beet and Beat Leaves
1 Lemon & Skin

Makes About: 24 oz.

Please Note: Drink slowly and take time to let your body digest this juice, as this is a strong juice drink. This juice should be consumed within 5-10 minutes after being made.

Peter Shane’s Cold & Flu Buster Stew is a wonderful and simple stew that will help you through the cold and flu season, so you can have a better Quality Of Life.