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healthy living in a toxic world

We Are Living In A Toxic World:

There is no question about the current state of the world. The planet’s population keeps expanding, global warming is accelerating and more and more countries are using massive amounts of toxic chemicals. It is just the way it is: Everyone on this planet, from the equator to the North Pole, is getting exposed to millions of tons of chemicals per year through our oceans, air, land, and drinking water.

There are over 80,000 chemicals known to mankind. Many of them enter our bodies through eating, drinking, breathing, and rubbing them on our skin. The daily accumulation of chemicals in our bodies through constant exposure increases our risk of a weakened immune system, life-threatening diseases, and decreased mental performance. Thankfully, the human body is amazingly resilient and has survived, despite being mentally and physically attacked by so many toxins. It is miraculous that we are not sicker than we are today.

As developing nations increasingly adopt the bad eating habits of the Western world by eating low-nutrition, chemically processed foods, cases of obesity, chronic illnesses, and diseases are on the rise worldwide.

The media and global corporations are known for using every tactic to sell their chemically produced products. From assuring you it is “generally recognized as safe” (if that’s the case, why are so many of us getting more sick every year?), to scaring you into believing you must use their products, these big companies will do anything to get you to spend your money on them. Through mind-numbing programs with repeating commercials brain-washing you into believing their hype, these companies find every way to infiltrate and pollute your environment, your body, and your mind.

These corporations spend an enormous amount of money on advertising campaigns that are specifically designed to make even more money for them. They pay for special research teams to find positive information about their products, while never mentioning any negative results. Despite how they may present themselves, many of these large companies do not have your well-being in mind. This makes finding out what is best for you and your loved ones a very difficult and often confusing task.

What Can You Do?
Many people assume that they are not able to effectively combat toxicity in their lives. So, they resign themselves to feeling helpless and end up doing nothing. However, if we start with small steps, we can quickly and easily limit our exposure to the thousands of pounds of chemicals that surround us.

Ways To Create A Healthier Home Environment:

– Read the ingredients on all of the products you buy.

– Learn which ingredients are unhealthy for you and your loved ones.

– Live green. Rid your home of toxic chemical products that constantly release noxious fumes such as old paint cans, solvents, cleaners, etc. that are just lying around, unused. This will keep your sealed and insulated home free from toxic chemicals, especially when the weather makes it difficult to get fresh air from an open window.

– Help someone in need and give away unused clothes and linen. This reduces mite-infested dust and moths. Get rid of things you don’t use before they get rid of you.

– Use only natural soaps and cosmetics. Your skin is the largest organ in the body. The daily exposure to toxic chemicals in skincare and cosmetic products is absorbed and accumulated in your body through your skin.

– Install a water filtration system for your shower and drinking water. Get what you can afford and what works best for the area you live in. Any type of filtration is better than nothing. When you shower, bathe or drink water that is not filtered, chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic substances are absorbed and stored in your body.

– Take off your shoes at your doorway. Up to 40% of the lead we expose ourselves to is tracked into our homes on the soles of our shoes from pollution and other dirt.

By spending your hard-earned money on local, green, and earth-friendly products, you use your purchasing power to support your community and your home environment.

Ways To Help Detoxify Your Mind:

– Create a healthy mental attitude. Turn off negative television, rid your computer of unproductive programs and clean your surroundings of stress-inducing information. Eliminating undesirable images right before you sleep, will help you achieve a good night’s rest. Life goes by quickly, so don’t waste it by watching cynical world news and empty television shows. Read a motivational book, go back to school or do an inspiring activity with your loved ones. Go out and do anything except waste your precious time on pessimistic programming.

– Empower and educate yourself. Instead of listening to the same songs or depressing news every day, tune in to positive and inspirational educational programs during your commute to work. The additional education may be the edge you need to increase your income, and your knowledge and give you the tools for a better quality of life.

– You become your thoughts and your words. With a negative mind, you cannot create a positive future. Actions first start in the mind as thoughts and then these thoughts become your reality. Eliminate negativity by focusing on positive thoughts and taking positive actions. Use words that embody who you want to become. The thoughts you cultivate today become your reality tomorrow.

Ways To Help Detox Your Body:

– Exercise: Do an activity that breaks a sweat, for at least an hour a day, 4 to 5 days a week. Exercise helps clean toxins from your body and is absolutely necessary for a healthy mind and body. This can take many forms: walking, dancing, playing sports, weight lifting, yoga, martial arts – find something you love to do and get your body moving.

– Rid Stress: Stress is a fight or flight reaction. It is not a state that your body should be in every day, all day. When your body is in stress mode, it produces acid, increases your blood pressure, and depletes much of your body’s resources. Being constantly stressed can eventually lead to serious health issues and diseases.

– Eat healthy: Consume raw, nutritious foods that are non-GMO and non-chemically produced foods to help create powerful health. Avoid eating hydrolyzed oils, refined sugar, refined flour, sugary chemical drinks, and iodized salt. Your body will quickly change and become healthier when given the proper fuel.

– Hydrate: Drink plenty of liquids that hydrate, nourish and flush out toxins from your body. Filtered water, herbal teas, or freshly made organic fruit and vegetable juices are all great options.

– Start Juicing: Properly prepared, freshly pressed, raw juices help you and your immune system become stronger by detoxifying your body and increasing your energy. Consistent juicing, over time, will improve your overall health.

By purchasing local, environmentally friendly green products, eating and juicing healthy organic foods, exercising, and having a positive mindset you can achieve optimal health for you and your loved ones and have a better Quality Of Life.