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health tips for the holiday

Health Tips For The Holiday:

It is that special time of year when most everyone is in “holiday mode” and the perennial question is: how do I remain healthy throughout this season? Here are a few tips that just might help you, followed by my recipe for one of my favorite holiday juices: 

1- Don’t skip breakfast because you plan to eat later: Holiday meals typically have two to three times the calories than the average breakfast or lunch. If you go to a decadent meal starving, you may end up eating twice as many calories than if you had eaten a sensible breakfast or lunch that curbed your appetite.

2- Eat Slowly And Chew Your Food: One of the best parts of a holiday feast is how amazing the food tastes, so chew your food and savor each bite. Feel the various textures and challenge yourself to discover every flavor that makes up that morsel in your mouth. Not only do you enjoy your meal more, your body will also tell you when it has had enough. This is particularly helpful when you start contemplating that third piece of dessert!

3- Avoid Rich Liquid Drinks: Avoid the calorie-laden liquid drinks like eggnog and hot chocolate. These grand holiday drinks can have more calories than your meal itself. Try to stick to beverages like water, tea or better yet, freshly made juices. 

4- Move or Walk After You Eat: Ok, so maybe your favorite relative forced you into having that third piece dessert even though you swore to yourself last year that you would never do it again. But, since you just did, now what? Movement will help encourage that holiday meal to process through your digestive system. Whether it is going for a walk or doing the dishes, get up and get a move on. 

5- Tips For Quicker Digestion: When you eat a large meal, wait a while before you eat dessert. When a large amount of food mixes with a large amount of sugar, the digestive acids in your stomach are not able to function properly and at best you will have a bloated stomach. So, in addition to feeling full when taking longer to eat, your body will also digest better with a 30-60 minute break between courses. Also, fresh mint tea helps to speed digestion. 

6- Cran-Apple Juice (see Photo): 2 Red Apples 1 cup Fresh Cranberries This is a great time to enjoy time with your loved ones, contemplate all the events of the year and to be thankful for what life has given us. 

Unless you have a serious health condition, don’t drive yourself crazy over the holidays, worrying about what you eat (or shouldn’t eat!), simply savor each moment and count your blessings. The New Year will bring a fresh start and motivation to juice, exercise and get back to focusing on your health. For now, be yourself, surround yourself with loved ones and share your joy with others.