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6 tips for juicing your way to optimal health

6 Tips for Juicing Your Way to Optimal Health

Since the 1980’s, I have taught others how they can achieve an amazing quality of life. An important part of this journey is our health. And juicing is on the top of my list for achieving optimal health. Your health is your greatest wealth.

Here are a few tips about juicing:

1- What Is The Best Juicer?: The one that you will use. Any juicer is better than no juicer. Buy the best juicer you can afford and works for you and your lifestyle. You want to find a machine you are willing to use every day. If it takes too long or too much effort to juice, you probably won’t use it daily.

2- Get The Freshest, Highest Quality Produce Available: Consuming the freshest produce can provide higher nutrition and ideally, we should grow our own organic food and eat it within minutes of picking it from the garden. However, this is not always practical, or possible, so support your local farmers and/or buy organic produce instead of GMO/Chemically Processed Produce (aka “conventional”). If only Chemically Processed Produce is possible for you, don’t worry. Just wash them very well and you many want to avoid eating the skin.

3- Drink Your Juice Immediately: Drink your juice within 10 to 20 minutes of it being made. If you wait much longer, the live enzymes will be gone. Live enzymes are critical to our heath and the average modern diet severely lacks them. So, drink your juices immediately after you make them!

4- Drink Your Juice Slowly: You took the time to make your juice, now take the time to savor the reward by sipping it slowly. Take the time to swish it in your mouth and enjoy all of the incredible natural flavors. Also, digestion begins in your mouth through the enzymes in your saliva. Your saliva digests your food, which allows your body to absorb more of the nutrients.

5- Do Not Drink The Same Juice Recipe Every Day: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Each type of produce has its own unique set of nutrients that contribute to your body’s overall health. In fact, by consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables that are in season, not only do you ensure your body gets complete and balanced nutrition, seasonal produce is often tastier and less expensive. Besides, drinking the same juice every day quickly gets boring, and who likes boring? Have some fun experimenting with different recipes and test which juices work best for your body. Just be sure to rotate between a green juice and a fruit juice to get the most benefits. See my soon to be released juicing book for a collection of my tried-and-true juice recipes for ideas.

6- Learn To Make Great

Tasting Juices: If you learn to make juices that taste great, you will enjoy drinking them daily. Simple drinks are easy on your body and usually taste the best. A great way to learn how to make delicious juices, is to start with tested, proven recipes and let your taste buds and body guide you from there. Drink freshly made juice often, for optimal health and a better Quality of Life.