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Tips for Liver Gallbladder Detox Fast

Peter Shane’s Ultimate Liver-Gallbladder Detox Fast Five Day Program

Spring / Fall

Congratulations on deciding to start the process of deeply cleansing your body. These are the fasting tips and guidelines that have worked for over 35 years for Peter Shane and also for thousands of his clients. Learn what works best for your body and adapt it to fit your body’s needs. Each person is unique; everybody is different and every person will react differently to each fast. This detox program is designed to help you achieve optimal health, more energy and have a better quality of life.

This liver-gallbladder detox fast is a total of five days. 2 days of eating and 3 days of liquid only fasting. Do your best to minimize any additional activities. As always, there are potential side effects you may experience during this, or any other fast. By keeping a light schedule, your body will have the time to help cleanse and heal itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If this is your first time fasting, we recommend this liver-gallbladder fast. Peter Shane does his liver-gallbladder fast around the 15th of April and 15th of October every year. If you are only going do one liver-gallbladder fast all year, spring is the best season, but it is possible to do this at any time of the year. Doing a liver-gallbladder fast once a year is better than not fasting at all.


If you have any health concerns, consult a health professional before doing this fast. Read through the fast and fast tips at least 2 times, filling in the days of the week on the fast check list provided and making sure you have everything you will need and everything you think you may need.

– Do not do this fast if you are/will be menstruating, are nursing or suspect you are pregnant during the fast without first consulting with your doctor.

– Avoid doing this fast if you will be in a stressful environment.

– Your bowels MUST be eliminated easily before you start your fast. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!! If you are constipated, do not begin this fast, or any other fast.

– Our Eliminator capsules are great to help your bowels to start moving; begin taking them 1-3 days before the fast. Take Eliminator until your bowels are flowing easily and you have at least one bowel movement per day.

– You may also want to consider a colonic or enema (SEE: Additional Fasting Routines)

– Night before you begin: Get ready for your first day by soaking your Detox Tea and reviewing how to make the Potassium Broth.


– Warm up your detox tea, as directed on the package label, before drinking.

Do not microwave any teas, broth or food.

**VERY IMPORTANT** Avoid aluminum pots, pans and cups. GLASS is the best material for herbs. If you are unable to use glass, use only stainless steel pots and pans, if possible.

– You are cleaning your body, so this is a great opportunity to spring clean in your home and life, too.

– If you find consuming pure juice is difficult, dilute it with purified water, up to a 50% water / 50% juice mixture. (i.e. 8 oz. of juice can be diluted with up to 8 oz. water)

Drink your juices, tonics, and teas slowly.

– Consume at least 1 gallon (eight 8 oz. servings) of liquid a day. If you drink the minimum amounts recommended, you will consume more than the required gallon per day.

– Do an organ/stomach massage daily. (Peter Shane’s Video Coming Soon!)

– Be sure you’re in a supportive and comfortable space during your fast, as you may experience:

– mood swings (don’t make major decisions)
– energy swings
– light-headed or foggy memory
– body sweats
– upset stomach (drink water to calm your stomach)
– weird aches or discomfort
– body chills
– hunger (drink more water!)

Each person is different. You may experience all, some or none of the reactions from the above list. You may even experience something completely different. In fact, no matter how many fasts you do, you will experience something different every time you fast. This is normal. Be prepared for your body to go through this detoxifying process.

Very Important

Exercise hard enough to just break a sweat for an hour, every day. This is necessary to help rid toxins from your body because 70% of waste is eliminated through our breath! An excellent program is Peter Shane’s breathwork program. Highly recommended activities include: walking, light yoga, tai chi or you can follow one of Peter Shane’s exercise videos such as his Qi Gong program. Ideally, you want to do some type of body movement that will produce a good sweat for one hour, every day of the detox fast, but not overexert your body. It should be an enjoyable and relaxing activity that gets you moving, which helps rid more toxins from your body.

Liver-Gallbladder Fast Daily Checklist

We have made a checklist with times for each day of the fast to help you keep track of your progress of your fast. You can mark off each task after you have completed it. This may seem silly, but sometimes it may be hard to concentrate or remember things when going through the detoxifying process.

What if I forget a Step while Fasting?

Try not to do it. But, if it happens, don’t panic – it is okay if you skipped a step once or twice during the fast. If you are unsure what you need to do next, simply check what time it is and follow the instructions for that time on the Liver-Gallbladder Fast Daily Checklist and keep on going.

Do NOT Stress during your Fast

Stay away from disturbing TV programming such as news and violent movies, electrical devices (i.e. – computer, cell phone, etc.) negative people, places and things. Read an uplifting inspirational book, view a documentary on health and healing or watch a comedy movie; do something positive. Remember laughter heals the heart; we all should laugh often. Positivity is essential to healing, so take this opportunity to help heal your body, mind and spirit.


The 5th day is one of the Most Important days of the Fast.

– Start with soft fruit (banana, berries, etc.) and CHEW! Chew, chew. Take the time to mix each mouthful with plenty of saliva.

– Eat until you are satisfied, but not full. You can always eat more, later, if you are still hungry.

You continue to detox after you have finished this Fast

Keep in mind your body continues to detox for up to a week after you have finished your fast. This is why it is important to keep your bowels flowing and eating fiber-rich and high quality foods and juices.

– You should have 1-2 bowel movements, per day. If not, take Eliminator for a few more days, or until you do. Make sure you are eating plenty of salads and raw vegetables for 3-5 days after the end of the fast. This will assist your bowel movements to remove any extra remaining toxins from your body.

– Some people feel better if they finish at least 1 bottle of each of the tonics and the bag of tea. If this is you, keep drinking the Detox Tea and tonics 3-4 times a day until completely used, even after you have ended you’re fast.

– This time is important to fully rid your body of any extra toxins. Continue to:
– exercise at least 45 minutes – 1 hour every day, 3-5 days a week
– do Peter Shane’s Breathwork program daily
– eat high quality, organic foods
– drink 24-32 oz. when you wake up
– drink at least 24-36 oz. of freshly made vegetable juice
– in total, drink 1/2-1 gallon of water per day

– You have gone through a deep cleansing. Relax, go for a nice walk with a loved one and go to bed early.

Anyone can have vibrant health. It’s simple: stop doing what made you sick, detoxify and cleanse your body and start doing what makes you healthy.


If possible, these are best done in nature, with plenty of fresh air.

Walking, light yoga, tai chi or you can follow one of Peter Shane’s exercise videos such as his Qi Gong or Breathwork program. Ideally, you want to do some type of body movement that will produce a good sweat for one hour, every day of the fast.

Take easy, slow, deep breaths after you sweat – ideally, do this for 5 to 10 minutes.
70% of waste is eliminated through our breath! (See: Peter Shane’s Breathwork video)

Shower, scrubbing your skin with a loofa. Finish with strokes toward your heart.

Follow Shower Skin Scrub with Hot/Cold Showers. Take a hot shower for 2 minutes, immediately followed by a cold shower for 2 minutes. Repeat twice.

Drink as much purified water as possible. Try to at least consume the minimum amounts on the Liver-Gallbladder Fast Daily Checklist.

If weather permits, lay naked in the morning sun for 10 minutes.
This helps balance hormones in both men and women and gives you your daily dose of vitamin D!

Laugh, pray, meditate, read uplifting spiritual books, love and love more.

Do colonics or enemas, as needed. (See: Colonic, Enema, and Castor Oil Compress Information)

Get a good quality, full-body massage.

Try Peter Shane’s Internal Organ Massage and feel the difference. (Peter Shane’s Video Coming Soon!)


You may wish to do a castor oil compress first to ensure a more complete elimination.

To ensure a more complete enema, rub a liberal amount of castor oil on your stomach the night before your first enema. Place a clean white – no colors! – cotton towel on top of your stomach and a hot water bottle on top of the towel. (CAUTION: Make sure the water is not too hot, or it will burn your stomach.) The heat helps send the castor oil into the stomach. When the water cools, repeat this procedure for an hour.

You may consider doing a colonic performed by a trained health professional prior to beginning your fast. This will greatly enhance the benefits of this fast. In addition, you may also want to have another colonic performed on the last (5th) day or the day after your fast. In the event a colonic is not available, you may wish to do enemas.

ENEMA PROCEDURE (Peter Shane’s Enema Video Coming Soon!)
– 2 to 3 quarts of water at one time works for most people.
– Your water should be purified or distilled and between 85 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
– The enema bag should be placed high enough for water to flow down toward the body.
– The water should flow at a steady trickle and not stream too quickly into the body.
Fill your body as follows:
1/3 of bag on your left side
1/3 of bag on your right side
1/3 of bag (final amount) on your back

Hold the liquid as long as you comfortably can. 15-30 minutes is an average amount of time.

Do not strain or push when eliminating the liquid. Elevate your knees higher than your hips, by placing your feet on books or a stool, so that your thighs touch your stomach (similar to squatting) Doing so, will help rid fecal matter more thoroughly and less strain on your organs when eliminating.

You may want to take some acidophilus to help balance out and replenish good bacteria in your colon. Be sure to take good quality probiotics/acidophilus only before or after the fast. If taken during the fast, the probiotics/acidophilus will be inactivated by the fast procedure. You may want to continue taking acidophilus for a few days after you have completed the fast.


8 stalks Celery
8 leaves Romaine Lettuce
3 Apples
1 Lemon, with peel
Yield: 26 oz.

3 Carrots
4 stalks Celery
2 Apples
1 handful Parsley
Yield: 12-16 oz.

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