Lung Breathe Tonic


Traditional Herbal Uses

Seasonal changes can sometimes bring respiratory disruptions with the cold and flu season. Lung Breathe can support healthy bronchial function by opening up the respiratory passageways of the lungs and may provide temporary relief of coughs and congestion. Also works great prior to doing breath work. See Peter Shane’s Breath Work system video.

We use only organic and sustainably wild harvested high quality medicinal herbs that have been used for hundreds of years.

Our tincture is formulated to be quickly absorbed by the body to ensure the maximum effect from our potent, organic or sustainably wild-harvested traditional herbs.

Try our all natural products and feel the difference. We think that once you do, you will agree that there is no other herbal tonic like ours.

For centuries, these herbs have been used mainly to help support healthy lung and bronchial function. This powerful tonic:

Promotes Easier Breathing by Opening Respiratory Passageways
Supports Healthy Respiratory System
Works Great for Breath-work and just before doing Meditation


Shake lightly. 60 drops or 2 dropperfuls taken in 2 ounces of water or your favorite juice 2 to 4 times a day, as needed. Swish in mouth for 15 to 30 seconds and then swallow.

NOTICE: Use as directed. Consult a health professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing or have any medical conditions such as high blood pressure. Not intended for long term, sustained use. Stop use immediately if you are experiencing any adverse reaction.


Sustainably Wild Harvested Lomatium Root, Sustainably Wild Harvested Osha Root, Sustainably Wild Harvested Horehound Herb, Organic Lobelia Leaf and Seed, Organic Elecampane Root, Sustainably Wild Harvested Pleurisy Root, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Sustainably Wild Harvested Lungwort Herb, Sustainably Wild Harvested Yerba Santa Herb, Sustainably Wild Harvested Elder Berry and Flower, Sustainably Wild Harvested White Desert Sage Herb, Organic Licorice Root, Organic Fennel Seed, Sustainably Wild Harvested Coltsfoot Herb and Root, Sustainably Wild Harvested Yerba Manza Root, Organic Kola Nut, Sustainably Wild Harvested Wild Cherry Bark

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Grain Alcohol (45-55%)