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With the winter season coming up, it is hard to stay healthy and not catch a cold and flu. Even though they don’t cause serious issues, it can be frustrating to carry out daily activities. There are some natural remedies that can help you stay healthy during this cold and flu season. Here are a few immunity-boosting ingredients that have been used traditionally to help ward off the common cold and flu.


Cayenne is used to improve circulation, raise appetite, aid digestion, boost energy, cleanse sinuses, trigger sweating that cools the skin in hot weather, and help the body warm up in cold weather.

Red clover

The most common and easily available organic herb that could be used to ward off flu is red clover. It is suitable for dry coughs, whooping coughs, colds, etc. Adding a bit of red clover to your tea and consuming it helps relieve sore throat to a greater extent. Since red clover is packed with Vitamin C and critical micronutrients like Magnesium, Calcium, etc., adding it to your diet is a great way to boost your immunity.


Garlic is one of the finest herbs that goes way back to time immemorial as a remedy for health issues. Due to the anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties of garlic, it makes an ideal herb that effectively boosts immunity and helps prevent flu symptoms.


Peppermint is another variety of herb whose leaves can be consumed as a cold reliever. In aromatherapy, its oil is used for mind and body regeneration, and as a cure for respiratory diseases such as cold, cough, and bronchitis.


Ginger is highly recommended to be included in the diet when it comes to the flu or common cold. The compound in ginger aids in inducing sweating. When crushed and combined with hot water to be drunk or gargled, it is extremely good at easing the symptoms of a sore throat.


Another great option to help relieve cold and flu symptoms is lemongrass. A great way to consume it is by adding it to hot tea. Lemongrass tea is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C which are key elements to help reduce flu and cold symptoms.

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