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Healthy Living in a Toxic World


There is no question about the current state of the world. The planet’s population keeps expanding, global warming is accelerating and more and more countries are using massive amounts of toxic chemicals. It is just the way it is: Everyone on this planet, from the equator to the North Pole, is getting exposed to millions of tons of chemicals per year through our oceans, air, land and drinking water.

Juicing 101: Benefits

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Juicing is known to assist with losing weight, boosting energy levels, sleeping better, or strengthening the immune system and has also helped reduce the chances of heart disease, cancer and stroke – three of the leading causes of death.

Water: Our Dwindling Resource

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Clean water the second most precious resource on earth, second only to air. But what is the toll on the earth when we decide to get our water from a convenient plastic bottle?

Oil Pulling for Better Health

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“Oil Pulling” has been done for thousands of years as an Ayurvedic practice to help maintain healthy teeth, gums and other, less obvious, health benefits. It consists of swishing oil in the mouth on a daily basis.

This practice has said to help treat everything from gingivitis and bad breath to headaches and circles around the eyes. Oil pulling is also known to help rebuild facial muscles (making you look younger) and even whiten teeth.

Vital Life Energy

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What can we do that will not only increase our energy, but also our overall health, memory, body fat, sex life and even our happiness? Simple – increase our Vital Life Energy.