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Potassium Broth Recipe

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Recipe for the Potassium Broth used in Peter Shane’s Ultimate Fasting System and also great for cold and flu.

Healthy Living in a Toxic World


There is no question about the current state of the world. The planet’s population keeps expanding, global warming is accelerating and more and more countries are using massive amounts of toxic chemicals. It is just the way it is: Everyone on this planet, from the equator to the North Pole, is getting exposed to millions of tons of chemicals per year through our oceans, air, land and drinking water.

Juicing 101: Benefits

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Juicing is known to assist with losing weight, boosting energy levels, sleeping better, or strengthening the immune system and has also helped reduce the chances of heart disease, cancer and stroke – three of the leading causes of death.

Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

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It is spring and after being cooped up for the winter, our bodies want to move and start feeling healthier. It is also the perfect time to clean out your home and your body.